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CourseKit is a developer-first platform for publishing online courses. Build completely custom courses with your favorite frontend tools.


How it works


Choose a base template

Get started quickly with a fully-customizable base template using your favorite frontend tools like React and Vue.


Add content

Configure your courses and create lesson content with our markdown-based editor.


Customize your site

Use CSS and JavaScript to make your course look and feel exactly how you want. Add the integrations you need like video and ecommerce.



Deploy your site to static hosting. Your site is now ready for students to enroll and start learning!

Example site tour

Let's see a Nuxt + Tailwind site enabled with CourseKit

CourseKit Demo
Course page (logged out). This is just static content showing info about a course.

Why CourseKit?

Secure content

Plug-and-play auth system to ensure only enrolled users can see your content.

Cloud-based content management

Skip the cost and hassle of setting up a backend. Our cloud dashboard handles everything you need.

Fully customizable UI and UX

Our headless platform allows you to make your course look and feel exactly how you want.

Only the features you need

Unlike the bloated LMSs you're used to, CourseKit allows you to add features you need through integrations like video hosting, eCommerce, email, etc.

Admin tools out-of-the-box

All the features of online course are supplied as widgets including video, login, watched video toggles, etc.

Get started for free

Create a free account and start creating your courses.

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