Headless API

To give you maximum creativity and flexibility, CourseKit is "headless" i.e. does not provide any frontend pages.

Instead, your lesson content is available through a secure, role-based API that can be connected to from your own custom frontend application.

Use our JavaScript Client Library to easily access data and course management features and create completely unique learning experiences.

Cloud dashboard for school management

Use our cloud-based dashboard to manage your course and lesson content, student enrollments, and monitor analytics.

All content is markdown-based allowing maximum flexibility.

Integrate with anything

Unlike the LMS you're used to, CourseKit is not bloated with features you don't need.

You can add features like video, ecommerce, and marketing automation, if and when you need them, with third-party integrations.

These integrations are simple to setup through the developer API.

Fully-customizable site templates

To get you up and running quickly we provide fully-customizable base templates for your site.

These templates are created with popular frontend libraries like React and Vue.

See demo template

Get started for free

Create a free account and start creating your courses.

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